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How to Begin


Resources for your garden and communtiy

Create an inclusive food-growing garden in your community!

Driven by our experience of growing communities based on individuals’ skills and interests, we strive to share our learning and insights with anyone who may benefit. All of the information presented below is the result of years of engagement and hands-on experience.


Our immense thanks to everyone who has connected with us and has so generously shared their love for inclusive gardening. 


Gardening Basics

Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is alive, has good water retention and can hold nutrients.

Planting Seeds

Successful seeding is all about depth, water and timing.


Avoid transplant shock and give your garden a head start.

Plant Spacing & Thinning

Give your plants enough room to develop so they grow healthy and strong.

Creating Great Compost

Compost is one of the best things you can add to your garden. That, and love.

Watering Effectively

Make sure your plants are thriving at every stage with the right amount of water.


Does your spinach, radish or lettuce keep flowering when you want it to stay leafy?

Awesome Mulch

Save water, have great soil and less weeds with a mulch.

Weeding Naturally

Weeds tell us important information about our soil. Are you listening?

Those Little Buggers

The best defence against pests and diseases is a healthy plant.

Growing Great Tomatoes

The basics of timing, pruning and harvesting great tomatoes.

Winter Gardening

Grow food all year round in the Pacific Northwest.

Put Your Garden to Bed

Prepare your garden for the winter and get some well deserved rest.

Rodent Prevention

Avoid to become an oasis for rats, and keep your neighbours happy!

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Community Basics

A Year in your Community Garden

Activities month by month.

Benefits of Community Gardening

Environment, health, building communities and empowerment.

Garden Committees

Gardens run smoothly because of the collbarative work of many people.

Give Back to those in need

Why, where and how to donate part of your fresh produce.

Inclusive Community Gardens Planning Tool

Planning for Inclusive and Welcoming Spaces in Vancouver, from Ashley Lowcock MSc, SCARP.

Membership Guidelines and Contract

Example of guidelines and contract used in our gardens. Adapt it for yours!

Ten Awesome Tips

For inclusive community gardens. Be welcoming, have fun and more!


How to adress common issues in your community garden.

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