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We are keenly aware of the challenge of social isolation and the benefits of community gardening for personal health and community wealth.  The resources below will provide you with connections and insights to make the most of your natural and human resources.


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Amazing Folks to Connect With


Check out these groups and learn how to optimize your collective efforts and community impact through food growing:

Growing connections between groups and associations in and around greater Vancouver.

A group of community members and local agencies working together to bring food security to Burnaby.

A collection of stories about City Farmer in Vancouver, Canada, and about urban farmers from around the world.

EYA works to engage and empower youth to create meaningful, positive action for our community and environmental health.

Assisting persons with developmental disabilities to lead meaningful and healthy lives by partnering with the community.

Working towards healthy, culturally appropriate, sustainable and accessible food for all.

One of Canada's new C3 social enterprises, helping leaders and organizations break new ground in community development.

A network of community members, organizations, and agencies to collaborate on food-based initiatives and programs.

A non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the sustainability of urban farming in Vancouver and throughout BC.

Village engages individuals, neighbourhoods & organizations to take actions that build sustainable communities & have fun doing it.

Offering access to affordable and healthy food choices for those in need, to reduce hunger with dignity.

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Community Garden Resources


You are dreaming of creating a community garden in your neighbourhood and wondering, “Where do I begin?  Do I secure some land first, or organize a group of neighbours?” To answer these questions and more, check out the resources below:

Community Gardens in Surrey

Start or join a community garden in your neighborhood.                          

Start or join a community garden in your neighborhood.                            

Start or join a community garden in your neighborhood.                            

Shifting Growth transforms private vacant property into temporary community gardens and growing spaces.

Prepare by the Joint Subcommittee on Accessible Community Gardens, Vancouver.

A resource package on how to start your own community garden, supported by the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation.

A social service agency's guide to garden programming, produced by Evergreen.

A Guide to Gardening at Metro Vancouver Housing.                                    

A guide to farming food in Vancouver from Vancouver Community Agriculture Network.

The Fruits of Effective Group Work

Written by Jim Dalton, Stephanie Lim, Yona Sipos-Randor and David Tracey, with support of Environmental Youth Alliance.

The Vancouver Foundation offers grants of up to $1,000 for residents to develop projects that meet the needs of the community.

A toolkit for tracking the outcomes of community gardens and urban farms.

How local governments can support community gardens, by Ministry of Community Development and Union of BC Municipalities.

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